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FIFTEEN Years of Dawson’s Creek!

Today we’re taking a quick break from the 10th anniversary of the final season celebrations to mark the FIFTEENTH anniversary of the pilot episode first airing.

Yeah, you read that right. Episode 1x01, imaginatively entitled ‘Pilot’, aired on 20th January 1998.

Over at @creek_quotes we’ll be tweeting pilot episode quotes all day. We’re on hashtag #15YearsofDC so come join in the fun!

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It’s Been Ten Years…

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the Dawson’s Creek finale. Instead of feeling incredibly old we’re going to CELEBRATE!

How do we celebrate? How do we normally celebrate?! With quotes, of course! Each week, starting from the 14th January, I’ll be dedicating that particular week to quotes from the episode that aired that week ten years ago.

For example, episode 6x11 ‘Day Out of Days’ aired on the 15th January 2003, so from 14th - 20th January I’ll be tweeting quotes from 6x11. Simples.

Come and join in over at @creek_quotes.

(I’m using the air dates detailed over at Wikipedia, so they may not be entirely accurate, but it’s all good fun…)

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